今年, Carolina 体育运动 is celebrating 50 years of women's athletics with a series of stories and social media content celebrating our many champions, legends and leaders who have shaped the landscape of women's sports in 教堂山分校.


Carolina 体育运动 was in a very similar state to the present day when Dean Smith provided a quote that has come to define Tar Heel women’s sports.

那是1997年的夏天, and the basketball Tar Heels were returning Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison to a squad that would spend much of the season ranked No. 1在全国. 在麦克·布朗的指导下, 与此同时, 这个足球项目已上升到全国竞争者的地位, 排名第一. 《欧亚体育》杂志季前赛版上的一篇报道.

It was that same football magazine that asked Smith about the tiresome basketball school vs. 足球学校的辩论. Could there be room on the Carolina campus, it asked, for two national powerhouse programs?

史密斯的回答已成为传奇:“这是一所女子足球学校. 欧亚体育app注册只是想跟得上他们.”

As the Tar Heels celebrate 50 years of women’s sports at Carolina, those words still resonate.

At the time of Smith’s quote, Anson Dorrance’s program didn’t need to be legitimized by anyone. Dorrance’s Tar Heels had already won a staggering ten of the previous 11 national women’s soccer championships, 并在1997年秋天成为12个中的11个. 米娅·哈姆(Mia Hamm)即将成为世界上最知名的球员. 克里斯汀·莉莉已经赢得了一枚奥运金牌, 赢得了一届女足世界杯,并将参加另外三届世界杯.

That was 1997, just over a quarter-century into women’s sports at the University of North Carolina. 教堂山分校 wasn’t just a place women went to participate in college sports, 对于那些想要出类拔萃的人来说,它已经是一个目的地. Field hockey was about to win a third straight national championship under the direction of Karen Shelton. Women’s basketball was just three years removed from winning a national title on one of the signature last-second shots in the sport’s history. A promising young women’s lacrosse coach named Jenny Slingluff (who you now know as Jenny Levy) had just completed a Final Four season in her program’s second year of existence.

又过了近25年, 史密斯很高兴看到标准没有改变. Field hockey has (stop me if this sounds familiar) won three straight national titles under the direction of Karen Shelton. 长曲棍球有两个NCAA冠军. In June, Makenna Jones and Elizabeth Scotty won the NCAA doubles championship.

自从1997年夏天史密斯的评论之后, 卡罗来纳男子运动已经赢得了6次NCAA冠军, 而女子队赢得了15场比赛. Include the success of the women’s tennis squad in the ITA National Indoor championships (the Tar Heels have won the event five times), and Tar Heel women’s teams have almost one national title per year in the last 24 years.

尽管他们经常取得胜利, those early Carolina women’s teams didn’t receive the same national attention the Tar Heel squads get today. In 1971-72, 七焦油脚跟女子运动——篮球, 曲棍球, 排球, 击剑, 游泳和跳水, 网球和体操作为全美体操联合会的一部分进入大学代表队. 在1974-75赛季之前, those same squads moved from the Physical 教育 Department to the Department of 体育运动. 同样的线索在第一年是正确的,这一学年也是正确的, in year 50 of intercollegiate women’s sports in 教堂山分校: the Tar Heels have been winners. Those consistent victories have helped set a standard for the entire athletic department.

Some schools have one dominant program that looms over the rest of the coaches and players on campus. 这不是卡, and that’s why you might spot women’s basketball coach Courtney Banghart on a morning walk with Mack Brown, or why one of the rowing team’s boats is named in honor of Roy and Wanda Williams. That’s why Carolina has won 55 national championships—including 39 from women’s teams.

这吸引了那些想要被其他伟大运动员推动的学生运动员. 艾琳Matson, on track to be one of the greatest Tar Heels in any sport in school history, seemed just as excited this spring about the women’s lacrosse team’s push for a national championship as she did her quest for a third straight championship. 去年春天, 杰米·奥尔特加的女子长曲棍球队争夺全国冠军, she seemed nearly as invested in the similar pursuit of the men’s lacrosse team. 这个学年已经开始了, men’s basketball players have been regulars at Dorrance Field to watch the women’s soccer team.

在前七支球队进入校队五十年后, 欧亚体育app注册是一个鼓励优秀女子运动的地方, 预期,庆祝.

也许是时候更新史密斯的话了. 事实上,欧亚体育app注册是一所女子体校.


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